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Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Language Arts

Starfall teaches children to read with phonic.

Learn the alphabet with fun animation and sound

Huge collection of online interactive talking stories for early readers

Phonics fun for early readers with Clifford Storybooks


Interactive, online learning games for kids

Improve reading comprehension

Educational games for language' math and more geared to 1st graders. Also link for kindergarten level games.


Brrr, Elmo's cold! Dress Elmo for Fall plus other Sesame Street activities


Educational fun from PBS Kids

     PBS interactive exploration game with activities and printables



Listing and links to common core standards for 1st grade. Also linked to kindergarten standards.


Little Animals addition and subtraction game

 Tons of primary counting   games

 Build a Block - patterning game

Working with base ten blocks

Sesame Street - Videos to celebrate diversity

Math games for k-1st graders

Comprehensive approach to math

Brain Pop Junior Games for K-3rd Grade