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5th Grade

Language Arts

Story starters to inspire children to write from Scholastic

Read-Write-Think's Creative Writing tool

 Spelling words with customizable sentences and definitions

Free learning tool to help students improve their writing and grammar. Requires sign up

5th grade math skills with practice questions

 Have fun and pick up some cool math skills


Interactive flash cards - improve your math interactively


Fractions are better understood when seen! Visual models of fractions with lines or circles includes slide shows for instruction

Math resources delivered in a fun way

Educational games 


       Map Games

USA Map Jigsaw Game

Smithsonian Science and Nature for students to explore, discover and learn everything


The science behind the news with classroom activities


Interactive live optical illusions, exhibits, artwork, games and puzzles

Social Studies

Kids portal for learning about the U.S. government

U.S. Government for 3-5th Grade

How does government affect us?

NOVA Online - Who were the Vikings? Explore a Viking village, write your name in Runes, learn secrets of Viking ships.

Experience the Vikings- North Atlantic Saga

Interactive tour of the White House

Newspaper Chronicles let you experience first-hand the excitement and uncertainty of the American Revolution as it happened.

Constitution for kids - 4th through 7th grades

Animated atlas illustrates growth of the U.S. from 1789

Interactive map shows the routes of the early explorers